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Kelly-Jayne McGlynn


The What

Baewolf Earrings is a small, woman-owned business located in Charlottesville, Virginia. It's also my baby and one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I started this earrings company in December of 2019--right before the pandemic, and right before my dad would go into the hospital for the first of 6 times that year. God is so kind in his timing, because Baewolf immediately became a therapeutic, creative exercise where I could work out my emotions in a way that brought me and others great joy.  I've sold hundreds of pairs since then, both through Instagram and at local markets. So glad you're here!

IMG_5628 copy.jpg

More Importantly, the Why

Baewolf hasn't just been therapeutic for me--a whole community of people have been impacted by my message of "beauty for beauty's sake." It's so easy in this world to get our worth from the things we do; to identify ourselves by striving and earning. But the truth is, we were created to already be enough. Just because we are. Just because we exist. Coming to this realization after years of counseling makes me so passionate to remind others of this truth. Especially women--especially women who are pressured to define themselves by their size or relationship status or any number of inconsequential things. When asked what my brand made someone think of, they replied "Sisterhood." It meant the world. I hope you feel that here.

And Finally, the How

Baewolf Earrings are handmade polymer clay earrings. They are made by me, in my tiny little desk in my tiny bedroom, by shaping clay and baking it. This process allows me to mix infinite numbers of gorgeous colors, use unique textures, and create earrings that are impossibly lightweight (I promise you'll forget you're wearing them). I restock my website with entirely new collections every 2 months for purchase. My turnaround time is 5-7 business days. If you would like a custom design, I am happy to consider it! Email me at And if you're interested in seeing more of the process and hearing about my journey, check out my Youtube videos!

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